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Digital schools are here. Kosmos provides a complete solution destined for any organization in the sector of education: web and intranet portal, administration, education, resources portals, timetables...

Complete solution

Web portal

Manage all of your web structure within the same tool and reach out to your various audiences: students, teachers, institutions...
  • Natively multi-site, multi-language and multichannel
  • Distribution on social networks
  • Sites for the different components of the institutions: departments & laboratories
  • Research
  • E-services: forms, integration of third-party services, Shibboleth, SSO/CAS

Intranet & collaboration

Integrated business services
  • Forum / Chat / Blog
  • Shared calendar
  • Web publication
  • Messaging
  • Digital office
  • Audio-visual conference
  • Clipboard
  • Alumni social network


Streamline administrative management
  • Planner
  • Creation of multimedia contents
  • Educational course
  • Individual follow-up
  • Learning platform

School career & orientation

Dedicated to course guidance, professional integration and adding value to learners’ careers.
  • Add value to the skills and experiences of students
  • Generate CV
  • Exchange platform

School life

Promote access to educational digital resources
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • School diary
  • Equipment and room booking
  • Enrollment

Course Schedule

Create and manage your institution timetables
  • 100% web and SaaS
  • Integration with STS and SIÈCLE
  • Help to form groups
  • Help with the manual input of data and specifications
  • Automated class allocation
  • Timetable optimization

Documentation & resource centre

Distribute and share your digital educational resources
  • Resource portal
  • Search engine
  • Document services
  • Book consultation and reservation
  • Library management

Training offer

Manage, publish, and promote your training offer online
  • Manage all types of training: initial, continuing
  • Present the training programs within the tool
  • Generate using the data from ROF, Apogée or another system

Former student network

Animate your alumni network
  • Membership management
  • Online Directory
  • Participatory agenda
  • Discussions
  • Business Relations
  • Document sharing