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A digital school environment at the heart of the information system

Who are they?

Set up by five major French industrial firms (SNECMA, Renault, Télémécanique, Chausson and CEM). In 1958, the Centre for Higher Education in Industry (CESI) is the educational benchmark for vocational training and apprenticeships.

CESI operates via four main brands:

  • Ei.CESI, a general engineering school
  • Exia.CESI, an engineering school specialising in IT
  • CESI entreprises, a training institute to support firms and their employees in their professional development
  • CESI alternance, providing professional training for apprentices at its higher school of trade.

Every year, the establishment trains over 20,000 engineers, executives, technicians and supervisors from nearly 6,000 firms.

What did they need?

As part of its switch to digital, CESI drew up several major strategies. Setting up a digital business environment was an important aspect of this switch. 

CESI wanted to make communication smoother, provide customised support for learners and bring the community together with a customised array of services. The implementation of paper-free procedures underpinned the project, thus accelerating the processing of requests among all CESI stakeholders (admin, learners, tutors etc.).

To succeed in this project, CESI wanted a sturdy, interoperable solution, with multiple configuration possibilities, that could integrate seamlessly with the current information system.

« The idea was to put forward a seamless whole – a single tool and interface – for anyone needing to access the information
system, including outsiders. »
Vincent Millet Information Systems Director at CESI

The project

In collaboration with CESI, Kosmos set up a single application providing user-specific information. The application can be used to communicate with nearly all training stakeholders including managers, instructors, speakers, learners, tutor firms and employees. 

The Virtual Work Environment has been designed responsively to adapt to all mobile and touch devices. The application’s ergonomics have been designed to facilitate access to all CESI services.

Single Sign-On (SSO) means users can openly access external applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, LMS solutions, such as Moodle or CrossKnowledge, and the language learning solution Rosetta Stone, straight from the interface. The Digital School Environment also lets users access the business data in the ERP: timetable, marks, messaging system, etc.

A document management system (DMS) has been implemented within the application to facilitate access to the entire CESI documentation database. A powerful search engine, based on elasticsearch, provides users with easy access to documents by filtering search results according to trade criteria.

The project has been created with Agile methodologies, using iterative and adaptive development cycles. This very flexible method helps CESI adapt its project in light of developments.

To sum up

Produced in collaboration with Kosmos, CESI’s business environment is a cornerstone in its switch to digital. The application is now used by the entire CESI community. It provides a single, cohesive interface, thus procuring a strong sense of group identity. 

Since its general introduction, CESI has logged over 2 million pages viewed and already over 600,000 hits.

« Kosmos pointed us in the right direction without stripping the project of its intrinsic nature. And above all, we managed to get all the stakeholders on board with a single tool. »
Vincent Millet Information Systems Director, CESI

Collaboration between CESI and Kosmos doesn’t stop there! The next stages will be: designing a mobile application and setting up a digital “log” service for learners, corporate tutors, managers and educational tutors.

Key points

  • ERGONOMICS : An application focusing on features
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN : Available on all mobile and touch devices 
  • SSO : Single sign-on for access to external services
  • ERP : Open access to business data in the ERP: timetable, marks, messaging system, etc.
  • DMS : A powerful management tool for the CESI documentation database

Facts & Figures

  • 20 000 employees, apprentices and students trained every year
  • 25 training centres in France
  • 6 000 client firms
« Kosmos broadened our vision of digital service and VLE by demonstrating that the tool was more than just a set of user-oriented business services. »
Vincent Millet
Information Systems Director at CESI