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Grenoble INP
School websites : Revamping the user interface

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Who are they?

Grenoble INP is a public institution of higher education, that is a member of COMUE, a group of universities and institutions from « University Grenoble Alpes » that federates 6 engineering schools and 37 research laboratories, including 11 overseas ones.

"Grenoble INP was France’s 2nd best engineering school behind École Polytechnique (l’X) in 2015, according to l’Usine Nouvelle (French industry weekly)." Xavier Oster - Digital project manager at Grenoble INP

What did they need?

The university management decided to give its web environment a complete overhaul following an in-depth study (thorough study). It needed to respond to emerging web requirements as well as to the level of security expected by Grenoble INP.

"In terms of ergonomics, our sites had been designed in 2005 to adapt to screen sizes of that time."
Xavier Oster - Digital project manager at Grenoble INP

This major project started, colliding with K-Sup V6 launching phase. Grenoble INP was the very first V6 project to emerge, with the close support of Kosmos’ R&D teams, and Grenoble INP acting both as a partner and a beta tester.

The project

Based on a « mobile first » approach, the user interface designs for Grenoble INP had to be revamped, first by thinking about the most constraining device, the smartphone, then about the most flexible one, the computer. 

To promote the user experience, some e-services (calendar, directory and route calculation) were also adapted to a mobile use.

The migration of Grenoble INP’s 63 websites on a K-Sup V6 environment was completed in a few months. The same year, 250 regular contributors were trained to K-Sup new version.

The project in numbers
  • 63 websites designed internally : 46 websites,  17 intranet websites
  • 250 contributors
  • 2,5 million visits
  • 10 millions page views per year

To sum it up

Xavier Oster praises the new version of K-Sup: « In terms of comfort, ease of use and stability, the new version of K-Sup is a success. » The Project manager adds: «Being a beta tester requires a lot of investment, but that extra work is compensated by the fact that the teams at Kosmos are here with you, listening to your comments.»

Ever since its launch in January 2014, the school’s new digital showcase seems to satisfy all of its users. The first statistical feedbacks tend to corroborate the rave reviews: «The consultation on tablets and smart phones rose by 7% in a year and the number of page views jumped by 10%.»

Key points

  • MOBILE FIRST : responsive design interfaces created by starting with the most constraining device, the phone.
  • E-SERVICES : features are tailored for mobile view: calendar, directory, and route calculation.
  • GEOLOCATION : Service allowing to geolocate any type of place: faculty, library, laboratory...
  • SECURITY : Performance optimization, stability, security updates.

A few figures

  • Established in 1892
  • 6 engineering schools
  • 40,000 graduates
  • 37 research laboratories including
  • 11 overseas
  • 217 patents and software
« In 2h of training, the contributors were already used to the new version of K-Sup! »
Xavier Oster
Digital project manager at Grenoble INP