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On-Premise / SaaS

Our solutions can be deployed following different modes in order to accommodate your specific business requirements.

Kosmos’s solutions are deployed on your infrastructure, in "On-Premise" mode.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Kosmos’s solutions are available directly on the Internet, in "Software as a Service (SaaS)" mode.

Our Technologies

Our JEE solutions are based on the most stable and mature open-source components of the market.

The design is modular, which allows to rely on a robust and efficient technical base to provide value-added functional modules. The adhesion between the base and the modules is limited, which facilitates and accelerates the implementation of modules or developments while preserving the maintainability and scalability of the base.

Kosmos’s solutions comply with the norms and standards, and rely on state-of-the-art web technologies. Our latest versions meet the principles of responsive design and allow to integrate any type of visual identity, from the most simple to the most elaborate. Accessibility and standards compliance are also at the heart of our practice.


Our hosting infrastructure

Our hosting infrastructure is based on free standard components. It is possible to very easily set a physical architecture that is distributed, scalable, and extensible, to manage the build-up of our projects as well as their high availability.


Software factory

At the heart of our concerns is industrializing developments. We integrate the best software engineering methods through the implementation of associated tools (continuous integration, automated unit testing...).

Our developments follow an agile method that aims to ensure the quality of the software and the user satisfaction. The implementation of the best practices of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban...) allows to prioritize on a regular basis the implementation of the most important features and to release new versions at a rapid pace, bringing these features on the market faster.

Since we started to develop a DevOps approach, we managed to automate uploading tasks, thus safely and quickly bringing upgrades online.